The Exchange

30 young Europeans and migrants gathered in Paris (France) to question Trust together through an artistic workshop, from 23 March to 1 April 2017. 

The exchange was organised by La Transplansiphère, in partnership with Theater Dortmund (KJT, Germany), Teatro Rigodon (Italy), ExQuorum (Portugal) and Teatermaskinen (Sweden).
During 10 days, the young participants explored the themes of migration, integrity, cohesion, cultural heritage and trust through encounters and artistic practice.

The aim was to explore and propose an alternative narrative of migration and related issues, to that of the media and the tensions that can arise in this context. Trust offered young Europeans a space for creative expression by inviting them to engage in a positive, active and responsible process and by encouraging an inclusive dialogue based on respect and trust. The idea was therefore to appropriate and respond to the challenges of integration and rebuilding bonds of trust through artistic practice. This initiative promoted values such as solidarity, democracy and creativity of the collective.

By gathering and exchanging during the exchange, young Europeans, young refugees and experts were able to build “common” together and imagine a new shared European narrative.

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The Participants

The participants in this exchange were young people (18-30 years old) from Dortmund (Germany), Rieti (Italy), Riddarhyttan (Sweden), Evora (Portugal) and Paris and its region. They were Germans, French, Italians, Portuguese, Swedes, Bulgarians, but also young migrants from Africa and the Middle East.

Participants from:

  • Dortmund were from a group of Syrian refugees who have been running a workshop with KJT Dortmund since September 2015.
  • Rieti were part of a group of young emerging student-artists who work regularly with Teatro Rigodon and participate in workshops in Rieti (80 km from Rome).
  • Paris came from various backgrounds (vocational high school, civic service, asylum seekers, vocational high school, students…).
  • Evora were part of a group of students from a professional audiovisual high school.
  • 2 young women represented Sweden and came from a former mining region 250 km from Stockholm.

The Pathway

During 10 days, the participants took part in numerous activities.

At the Cité des Sciences, participants visited the museum and the various workshops offered by the Cité, then work in groups on several themes related.
They designed 5 “dream” projects involving trust and which could inspire future youth exchanges.
A time for sharing “stories” related to their personal experience was proposed. The participants then carried out a collective creation experience on migration.

At the Parc de la Villette, the young people created an interactive flash-mob performance in the public space.

Agora of Nanterre, a venue for the municipality’s Citizens’ Initiatives. Workshops with a primary school were organised (interventions, traditional Syrian group dance, workshops on trust…). They also prepared a performance.

OECD, Integrity Forum which discusses the state of corruption and fraud in the world. The participants took part in the forum and presented their artistic performance. They also presented the Indira statue (an elephant in life-size white plaster) and had the opportunity to exchange with OECD experts on trust and integrity.