La Transplanisphère

A Parisian theatre company, La Transplanisphère develops numerous projects exploring social and political issues through the performing arts.

Since 2010, the company has acquired expertise in the design and management of international cooperation projects supported by the European Commission. La Transplanisphère carries out various projects using theatrical and artistic tools to facilitate intercultural dialogue and stimulate active citizenship.

Since 2017, the company is in residence at the Albert Schweitzer high school, in Le Raincy (Grand Paris), where it carries out various cultural actions with students.

All of La Transplanisphère’s projects have a common objective: to contribute to the renewal of the open-mindedness of the world’s citizens.

Teatro Rigodon

Teatro Rigodon is a theatre company based in Rieti (80km from Rome, Italy). Since 2008, it has developed a variety of cultural projects such as Cultural Centers, Festivals, and Community Plays.

In the context of the small village where it is based, Rocca Sinibalda, the company designs and conducts international projects combining community theatre, intercultural dialogue and international mobility.  It also carries out activities in migrant reception centres and schools.

Through these projects, it aims to encourage greater participation by citizens, and contributes to a new understanding of the theatre of the world.

KJT Dortmund

Kinder-Jugend Theater Dortmund is an autonomous part of the Theatre Dortmund, which is the municipal theatre of the city of Dortmund, in Germany. Founded in 1953, it focus on theatre for young audiences. Each season 7 or 8 new plays are created and are performed either at its permanent location or in schools or public spaces.

Since 2015, the theatre has been working with refugees through participative projects and through European cooperation projects promoting intercultural dialogue.


ExQuorum is an artistic structure located in Portugal, since 2000. Based in Évora (Alentejo, 130 km from Lisbon), UNESCO World Heritage University and Historic City, Ex Quorum is very involved with the local community and develops artistic, pedagogical and citizen projects. It has an evident approach to social intervention through artistic practices, associated with memory and geopolitics, in close relation with Alentejo´s regional heritage and reality. 

ExQuorum intends to establish artistic interventions at both local and international levels. The company uses theatre to encourage active young citizenship, as well as inter-generational research (collecting and preserving the memories of older generations).