Trust Tour Launch – Kick off meeting

Trust Tour Launch – Kick off meeting

On the 3rd and 4th of December 2020, the Trust Tour partners gathered online for the official launch of the project! 

This first meeting was organised by La Transplanisphère, the project coordinator. For health reasons, the meeting initially planned in Paris was held online, but this did not prevent a good and enthusiastic group dynamic and a good launch of the project. 

Although the 4 partners had already worked together during the previous youth exchanges that inspired this new project, this meeting was first and foremost an opportunity for them to reconnect and meet again after some time. The aim was to review the project together – the agenda, the activities, the methods to be created, the distribution of tasks – in order to start on a common and shared basis. The functioning of the budget and the Erasmus+ framework were also explained by La Transplanisphère in order to ensure a smooth running of the project.

This meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the health situation and its potential impact on the project. The partners reflected together on how best to adapt the activities and content created, rethinking the approach to the productions so that they could serve the target audiences and meet their needs in the context of the health crisis.

Communication and evaluation strategies were clarified and shared with the whole partnership. Finally, a discussion on the creation of methods, performances, format and themes was held during this first meeting.

Programme for 3 December

The meeting started with ice-breaking exercises to allow the partners to reconnect and get to know each other after difficult months. Each partner also presented the health and economic situation in their country and their organisation. This first phase enabled the group dynamics to be revived among the partners so that the project could be set up in the best possible conditions. 

In order to start the project on a common basis, La Transplanisphere presented the project, the planned activities, the agenda and the methods to be created. The objective is to create 4 artistic methodologies to organise intercultural encounters with young people, with the aim of rebuilding trust between young Europeans in a context of increasing migration. Each partner then organises a European workshop to transmit its method to the participants. During this workshop, the participants create an artistic performance together, which illustrates the method at stake and the chosen theme. The performance is then performed in front of an audience at a promotional event. Further promotional events are also planned at the end of the project.

Once the structure and activities of the project had been validated by all partners, they reviewed the new agenda. The formats of the methods to be published in open access, the promotion strategy and the evaluation protocol were then discussed. This first part of the meeting allowed the partners to review all aspects of the project together, in order to be able to plan the creation on a common base.

The partners then concentrated on the creation of the methods themselves. Transplanisphere started this session by presenting a “frame of reference” on which to structure each method. Each partner will then create their own method within this framework and will include the different modules proposed. The idea is to offer a coherent database that can be used in different ways by users, with the possibility of mixing modules from different methods. This model was discussed by all the partners and then validated. Each partner then presented the direction in which they wished to go with their method: which theme to tackle, which artistic techniques to mobilise, which inspirations etc. 

The day ended with a discussion on adapting the project, activities, and contents themselves to the health crisis, in order to produce tools that meet the current needs of users. 

Programme for 4 December

After a first day dedicated to the project, its structure, activities and planned creations, the partners met the next day for an administrative meeting. This session started with energizers and a round table discussion of the partners on what had been seen the day before and any questions. 

The meeting then turned to the administrative and financial aspects of the project. Transplanisphere presented the budgetary rules of the ErasmusPlus programme as well as the administrative documents required to ensure good project management. The collaborative and management tools were then presented and shared with all the partners, and the collaboration modalities were defined. 

This meeting ended with the validation of the next steps of creation and the next activities of the project. 

The partners finally left enthusiastic about the idea of starting this beautiful project! 

The participants

  • Bruno Freyssinet, artistic director of La Transplanisphère
  • Noémie Besace Laurens, artist and project coordinator of La Transplanisphère
  • Marion Pollet, project and communication coordinator of La Transplanisphère
  • Alessandro Cavoli, artistic director Teatro Rigodon
  • Hugo Coelho, artistic director of ExQuorum
  • Andreas Gruhn, artistic director of KJT Dortmund
  • Astrid Wendelstigh, Director of KJT Dortmund
  • Linda Thaller, teaching artist at KJT Dortmund
  • Lioba Sombetzki, teaching artist at KJT Dortmund
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