Trust Tour workshop in Rocca Sinibalda and Rieti, Italy – Training in the Teatro Rigodon method

Trust Tour workshop in Rocca Sinibalda and Rieti, Italy – Training in the Teatro Rigodon method

As part of an intercultural workshop of the Trust Tour project, 10 participants met in Italy from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 December 2021. This was the fourth and final workshop of the project! The teams were hosted by the Italian project partner Teatro Rigodon in Rieti and Rocca Sinibalda.

A European workshop in Rocca Sinibalda and Rieti to discover Teatro Rigodon's Trust Tour method

Trust Tour aims to develop innovative artistic methods to help any multicultural group to create theatrical performances, providing a space for creation and reflection using new artistic tools.

In 2021 and 2022, Trust Tour is developing 4 European workshops in Dortmund, Paris, Évora and Rocca Sinibalda. These are all stages in the development of creations that question the issues addressed (interculturality, human rights, creation of community, etc.) and to train citizens in the 4 methods of the project.

In December 2021, 10 European participants from Germany, France, Portugal and Italy met in Rocca Sinibalda and Rieti, Italy, to be trained in the artistic methodology created by Teatro Rigodon. The aim was to combine sport with theatre. The participants discovered what energy is through body expression in theatrical and vocal performances, using the Italian method. 

Discover the 4 European partners present during this workshop in Italy.

Teatro Rigodon

Italian partner

Ex Quorum

Portuguese partner

KJT Dortmund

German partner

La Transplanisphère

French partner and project coordinator

Day 1 - Launch of the workshop in Rocca Sinibalda

On Thursday 9 December, the teams met in the municipality of Rocca Sinibalda in the province of Rieti, which has a beautifully restored castle overlooking the valley. They were welcomed in the work and creation space of Teatro Rigodon. 

An exchange between young people and artistic trainers opened the first day of the workshop.

Then, Alessandro Cavoli, the artistic director of Teatro Rigodon, began the workshop by introducing the question of what energy is. As a result, videos of dance and sports such as boxing or football were shown to understand the different energies and uses of the body through sports and artistic performances. 

The teams experimented with these practices through creative dancing and singing workshops to understand the space used in the theatre through the body.

This first day ended with a convivial meal in the heart of Rieti.

Day 2 - Further development of the workshops

To start this second day, the participants visited the village of Rocca Sinibalda to warm up before the physical workshops and to discover the mountain village. 

Then, the workshops resumed following those of the day before. Bruno Freyssinet from the company La Transplanisphère introduced an exercise on coordination and team fusion through body movements by creating a choreography. 

The participants also performed vocal performance exercises in a workshop led by Vicente from Ex Quorum.

Videos of theatrical performances were shown to highlight the workshops and to understand the vocal and physical preparations.

The day ended with a convivial meal in a typical restaurant. 

Day 3 - Workshop in Rieti

On the third day, the workshop took place in the town of Rieti. The group started by stretching to wake up their bodies and then performed energizing exercises to warm them up. 

Then, ribbons were introduced to the exercises to understand the different resistances and strength that the body has, as well as sticks to work on balance. 

Other exercises created by Ex Quorum and the Transplanisphere were performed. Always around the coordination and fusion of the team, and vocal performance.   

To close the day, Alessandro Cavoli gave a theatrical demonstration, accompanied by a guitarist from Teatro Rigodon.

Day 4 - Closure and evaluation

During this last day, the participants carried out the last exercises of the workshop in the morning through dance improvisations summarising all that had been learned and worked on. 

Then the moment of the evaluation of the workshop for all the participants, on these 4 days of work spent in Italy took place. The evaluation focused on the quality of the workshop and on the skills acquired by the participants. 

And finally, to close this last day, the team attended a public theatrical performance by an Italian company invited by Teatro Rigodon. 

Finally, this week of workshop was a great experience rich in learnings, sports exercises, sharing and creation!

Feedback from participants

“Making movements together and creating energy in the room was the activity that motivated me most in my learning.”

“It was a new and exciting experience. It allows people to step out of their comfort zone. It increases my imagination, creativity and awareness of intercultural and inclusive activities. It also helps me to open my mind so I recommend this kind of workshop not only for artists but for everyone!”.

“Having a different perception of the harmony of the body and seeing the balance of it, in relation to gravity is important for the progression of the artwork. It was really impressive and important to learn.”

“Thanks to this workshop, it allows me to understand the dynamics even more.”

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