The Pathway

Trust Tour will evolve the previous youth exchanges into an 18-months project (2021-2022), to share the partners’ collective database of experience. The end result: designing methodologies and theatrical performances, to inspire others to develop their own intercultural projects and teach them how to succeed in that endeavour. The project will re-explore and re-define the methods in question, keeping in mind the current political and social context.

In order to produce easy-to-use and high-quality methodologies, the partners will organise 4 European workshops (1-week). In each partners country, young people – with a migrant background or not – will gather to test the methodology and to design a theatre performance altogether. 

Together with experienced artists, they will stage new narratives created through intercultural co-creation. The methodologies will be “formalized” through video tutorial. At the end of each workshop, the theatre works will be performed in front of a local audience and will be filmed, to illustrate the methodology and reach a large audience.

In addition, local promotional events will be organised after each workshop, by each partner in their own city, to share the methodology and adapt it to their country.

The methodologies will propose 4 different approaches to design an intercultural creative workshop with European youth.

4 European workshops


Each European workshop will gather 12 participants from the 4 project partners, for a week of activities. 8 participants will be young people from the partners’ network (volonteers, young artists, students, any engaged citizen….) and 4 among them will have a migrant background. The 3 other participants will be workshop leaders and will bring expertise in the design and/or management of intercultural youth exchanges. Local population may also be invited in these workshops. 


These 1-week workshops will offer various artistic activities to the participants. Mornings will be dedicated to exploring the methodology developed by the host partner. Afternoons will offer a space of writing and rehearsing a performance, using the methodologie at stake.
At the end of the workshop, a promotional event will offer a space to present the methodology to the local audience and a moment to perform the play created during the workshop.

4 Methodologies

Theater Dortmund method

How to design an artistic theatre workshop questioning trust through a theatre experience based on the roots of initiatory journeys in the Mediterranean tales? This methodology will enable participants to search for common roots, through the example of Ulysse’s Odyssey. Theatre techniques will be used to develop trust, solidarity and shared cultural space. 

Teatro Rigodon method

How to design an artistic theatre workshop questioning trust through a theatre experience based on the first European novel gathering 100 stories inspired by western and eastern stories combined? Based on the Italian author Boccaccio Decameron, this methodology will enable participants to create their own story questioning migration, gender equality and resilience.

Transplanisphère method

How to design an artistic theatre workshop questioning trust, by creating a documentary artistic pathway through contrasting social environments? Inspired by different contexts and spaces, the methodology will enable participants to build a new relationship with each other but also with the public space, in order to reinvent a common future altogether.

ExQuorum synthesis

How to design an artistic theatre workshop by putting the 3 methodologies in perspective. By combining these different contexts and inspirations, this methodology will provide a comparative and qualitative analysis of the corpus. It will enable participants to engage in historical and socio-political reflection through analysis, dialogue and creative processes. 


December 2020 Partners meeting
Kick-off meeting

Online Kick-off meeting with all the partners, coordinated by La Transplanisphère, to launch the project and plan the different steps of the project.

December 2020 - February 2021 Methodologies design
Transplanisphère method

Design of the first methodology by La Transplanisphère based on a documentary artistic pathway.

March - May 2021 Methodologies design
Theater Dortmund method

Design of the second methodology by Theater Dortmund based on initiatory journeys in the Mediterranean tales (Ulysse Odyssey).

June 2021 Partners meeting
Mid-term meeting

Mid-term evaluation partners meeting in Germany, coordinated by Theater Dortmund. Evaluation of the project' progress and planning of the following steps of the project. 

June - September 2021 European workshop
4 European workshops

Each partner will host a European workshop in their country to test the methodology with all partners and young people, and create a theatrical performance based on it. (The agenda will depend on the sanitary conditions)

July - September 2021 Methodologies design
Teatro Rigodon method

Design of the third methodology by Teatro Rigodon based on the first European novel Decameron by Boccaccio.

October - December 2021 Methodologies design
ExQuorum synthesis

Design of the comparative and qualitative analysis of the 3 methodologies in perspective by ExQuorum.

October - December 2021 Promotional events
Promotional events

After each European workshop, local promotional events will be organised in each partner country to promote and adapt the methodologies to their local audience. (The agenda will depend on the sanitary conditions)

December 2021 Partners meeting
Final meeting

Final partners meeting in Evora, coordinated by ExQorum. Evaluation of the project.